Improve the sustainability of the ruminant livestock while sustaining animal health and performance

As the world population increases, agricultural production must also keep pace with it. Currently, livestock provides around one-third of the protein consumed globally. Ruminants play a valuable role in sustainable agricultural systems as they have the unique capacity to convert low-quality or human-inedible materials into high-quality food. However enteric methane,
is a byproduct of plant material digestion such as celluloses, fibre, starches or sugars.

The inclusion of Bolifor CNF in the ruminant's diet optimizes rumen fermentation and changes the pathway of hydrogen to produce ammonia rather than methane. As a consequence,  using Bolifor CNF has a dual effect:

  • Reduces methane emissions: Bolifor CNF reduces methane emissions by over 15%
  • Increases energy use efficiency: Methane production by microbes within the rumen represents an energetic loss of 2–12%. Thus, a reduction of the volume of methane formation may lead to better efficiency of feed utilization.
  • Sustains animal performance: Bolifor CNF is also a source of non-protein nitrogen, which can replace part of the vegetal protein o the ruminant’s diet, as rumen microbes have the ability to metabolize non-protein nitrogen.

Bolifor CNF is Yara’s calcium nitrate feed grade. It is manufactured in our production plant in Glomfjord, Norway. Bolifor CNF is a free-flowing prilled material. This unique feature guarantees homogeneous mixing and pelletisation over time.

Bolifor CNF has a low content of undesirable substances, as it undergoes a purification process to match GMP+ requirements.

Thanks to the nitro phosphate route used by Yara, Bolifor CNF is produced in the most energy-efficient way. That guarantees a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional production processes.

Greg Dall
Greg Dall
Area Manager Fertiliser & Feed Phosphate
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