Bolifor MCP-N

Bolifor MCP-N

Monocalcium phosphate - feed grade

Bolifor® MCP-N is a feed grade monocalcium phosphate recommended for use in concentrates, compound feed, mineral feed and other feeds for cattle, pigs, poultry and all animals also including pet food.


A unique monocalcium phosphate produced at precise conditions by reacting phosphoric acid and a calcium source in a granulator. The purity of the phosphoric acid, coming exclusively from the apatite (volcanic origin) and Yara’s integrated production process, according to GMP+ standards, ensure the consistency of Bolifor MCP-N properties.

Bolifor MCP-N appears as grey granules and it is highly soluble in water and diluted acids. Bolifor MCP-N is odourless and has an acidic taste.

Bolifor MCP-N is produced in two different granulations: coarse granulation - MCP-N and standard granulation - MCP-N.

Special advantages

The proven superior phosphorus digestibility of Bolifor MCP-N 

  • Maximises phosphorus absorption and retention
  • Minimises phosphorus excretion, contributing to environmental sustainability

Due to its superior nutritional value, Bolifor MCP-N requires lower inclusion rates than other marketed feed phosphates, this

  • Maximises feed cost-efficiency
  • Minimises logistics, handling and storage costs

The purity of the raw materials used to manufacture Bolifor MCP-N ensures

  • Consistency, which guarantees compliance with feed safety requirements worldwide
  • Enables a precise least-cost diet formulation


Product properties  
Phosphorus (P) 22.7%
Relative solubility in  
 - 2% citric acid 98%
 - alkaline ammonium citrate 98%
 - water 75%
Calcium (Ca) 16.5%
Ca:P ratio 0.7:1
Magnesium (Mg) 1%
pH 4-5
Ash insoluble in 3N HCl <1%
Moisture (mechanical free water) <3%


Physical properties  
Particle size >90% within 0.5 - 2.0mm
Bulk density 900-1000 kg/m3
Water activity <0.70 aw

Nutritive value

Phosphorus is an essential macromineral for all animals. It is involved in many metabolic functions such as bone formation and maintenance, energy metabolism or eggshell formation.

Bolifor MCP-N contains 22.7% of total phosphorus and its digestibility has been proven to be superior among other monocalcium feed phosphates and other types of feed phosphates typically included fed to livestock. Trial reports and digestibility coefficients are available on request. Consequently, Bolifor MCP-N has a superior digestible phosphorus content which maximizes phosphorus absorption and retention by the animal at lower levels of inclusion.

Directions for use

The superior chemical solubility and digestibility make Bolifor MCP-N a top-ranked granular phosphorus and calcium source. It is recommended for use in concentrates, compound feed, mineral feed and other feeds for cattle, pigs, poultry and all animals also including pet food.

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