Bolifor MAP

Bolifor MAP

Mono-ammonium phosphate - feed grade

Bolifor® MAP is a feed grade mono-ammonium phosphate recommended as a preferred source of phosphorus in concentrates, complete feed, mineral supplements and other mineral feed applications.


A purified unique feed grade combination of phosphorus and nitrogen produced at precise conditions by reacting phosphoric acid and an ammonia source in a granulator. Yara’s P source is apatite, of volcanic origin, which makes the phosphoric acid virtually free from impurities.

The purity of the raw materials and Yara’s integrated production process, according to GMP+ standard, ensure excellent product consistency and a level of undesirable substances well below that stipulated by EU feed legislation.

Bolifor MAP appears as off-white granules. Bolifor MAP is odourless and has a neutral taste.

Special Advantages

Bolifor MAP is free-flowing and blends easily with other feed material. Bolifor MAP has proven high in vitro phosphorus solubility in acidic and neutral conditions. Phosphorus digestibility of Bolifor MAP has been assessed, in vivo, in different aquatic species, with outstanding results. Due to its high phosphorus digestibility, Bolifor MAP:

  • Maximises phosphorus absorption and retention.
  • Minimises phosphorus discharge into the water, minimizing the risk of water eutrophication. Preservation of water quality means ensuring aquaculture sustainability.
  • Bolifor MAP requires lower inclusion rates than other inorganic feed phosphates, maximizing feed cost-efficiency and minimizing logistical handling.


Product properties  
Phosphorus (P) 26%
Relative solubility of phosphorus in  
 - 2% citric acid 99%
 - alkaline ammonium citrate 98%
 - water 95%
Nitrogen (N) 10.5%
pH 4-4.5
Ash insoluble in 3N HCl 4.5%
Moisture (mechanical free water) <3%


Physical properties  
Appearance Fine granules>95% within 0.2-1.5mm
Bulk density 850-1100 kg/m3
Water activity <0.70 aw

Nutritive value

Trial data show significant differences in phosphorus digestibility between and within the different generic types of inorganic feed phosphates. Reputable independent research institutes regularly evaluate the digestibility of Bolifor feed phosphates in monogastric species.

Trial results consistently demonstrate that Bolifor digestibility values are at the top of the range. Trial reports and digestibility coefficients are available on request.

Recommended use

The excellent quality makes Bolifor MAP a preferred source of phosphorus in concentrates, complete feed, mineral supplements and other mineral feed applications. It is an ideal source of phosphorus for aquatic species. Bolifor MAP can also be used in ruminant diets to supply phosphorus and non-protein nitrogen.

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