Knowing how to achieve the maximum yield with the appropriate fertilizer is a result of defining the exact nutrient demand.

As a farmer, you will know that fertilizers like Yara`s are tailor-made to meet your specific crop requirements and that our precision application techniques cater for different locations and soil types, as well as weather conditions. 

By improving efficiency, you help your farm to thrive now and in the future: by increasing yield while also reducing your impact on the environment. Good nitrogen supply produces healthier roots so that more of the nutrients are captured and less remain in the soil. Better accuracy and timing when fertilizing also reduces residual nitrates that can leach below the root zone and into groundwater.

Here are some tips to help you define exact nutrient demand, and learn more about the timing and dosing of nitrate-based fertilizers.

8% higher nitrogen-use efficiency

Why are nitrate-based solutions more efficient?

  • Produce more crop with less. Efficient use of nitrogen is essential to achieving maximum crop growth and a greater return on each kg of fertilizer you invest in.
  • Preferred by plants. Nitrogen is a vital nutrient, and nitrates are the preferred nitrogen form for most crops.
  • Better safeguard against the weather. Nitrates have efficient uptake even in conditions that are cool and wet or hot and dry, driving higher yields than alternative fertilizer types.
  • Grow healthier roots. Early applied nitrates promote the growth of well-developed roots, which are important for capturing nutrients and is a precursor to higher nitrogen use efficiency.

improved yield for wheat and oilseed rape

Steps to improve nitrogen-use efficiency

  • Use the right rate. Digital tools can help you choose precisely the right application rate of nitrogen, specific to your field, and in real-time. Yara offers digital tools to reduce under or over-application by finding the optimum N rate.

Yara IRIX (link / thumbnail)

  • Precision spreading. Larger, denser fertilizer particles spread more accurately than prilled nitrogen products, especially in windy conditions. In-field sensing can also ensure you place fertilizer precisely where it is needed, reducing the variability of application across fields.
  • Proper balance. Balancing plants’ nutritional needs including sulfur and micronutrients ensure that you grow more crop for every kilogram of nitrogen you apply.

N-Tester (link/thumbnail or image below)

The right N-rate can increase NUE by 3%


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