Water use efficiency is enhanced with optimum nutrition, as crops quickly cover bare soil, reducing evaporative water losses. Sufficient nitrogen availability ensures that the available water supply is converted into growth and maximum yield.

You may think that intensive agriculture would require more water, and that low-input farming would allow you to use less. Actually, it’s the opposite. Water demand per unit of crop produced actually decreases with yield.

Water supplies will fluctuate from year to year, but using a nitrate-based fertilizer solution will ensure your yield is optimized.

Decrease water use by 40%


The best choice for dry soils

Drought conditions may cause you and your plants stress, but you can be assured of a higher yield when choosing a nitrate fertilizer. Providing adequate nitrate nutrition will result in fewer losses, higher mobility in the soil, better root growth and more efficient water use in dry conditions.

CAN peforms better in dry soils imageCAN performs better in dry soils 


Hoping for rain? Nutrient uptake during drought conditions is higher when using Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer.

Effect of N form and water supply on wheat yieldEffect of N form and water supply


Precision tools for water management

If you use an irrigation system on your farm, having access to the best sensor and measurement technology will save you money and produce the best results. Yara has an extensive research and development program that works to optimize nutrition solutions so crops can cope with drought stress, and our technology collects data in real-time so you can optimize the effect of irrigation.

Research shows that fertigation can help you achieve maximum water use efficiency. Yara has developed fertigation recommendations for crops and regions where water and nutrient management is required.

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