Weather variability, crop and input prices, pests and disease are some of the many risks that keep farmers awake at night. 

Today, there are global risks that can impact your farm: price volatility, resource availability, geopolitics and perhaps the most concerning of all – climate change.

There are five risks that we have prioritized based on our knowledge of farming and work with farmers. To minimize risk and build resilience into a farmers crop production, our nitrate-based solutions have been developed.

The big five risks:

One example of how nitrate-based solutions can help minimize risk

Nitrate-based fertilizers offer superior performance when compared to urea fertilizer, and when nitrate-based products are used in conjunction with Yara’s digital tools, you can achieve higher protein content and yield, which means increased profit.

We know that nitrogen needs can vary, even within the same fields. We also know that using the same amount of nitrogen every year is inefficient fin terms of cost, crop yield, and quality. As part of our nitrate-based solutions, YaraIrix is a clip that turns your smartphone into a Nitrogen sensor to help you measure your plant’s nitrogen status. YaraIrix provides an accurate measurement so that farmers have a reliable N application rate that is accurate and meets the specific needs of the crops.

Several field trials conducted by teams at Yara with our partners have demonstrated the ability of the N-Tester and N-Sensor® to help enhance protein content and yield compared to standard nitrogen balances.

Remove the guessworkRemove the guesswork

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